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Monday, November 4, 2019

How to Optimize Blog Posts for SEO?

Search Engine Optimization has witnessed a tremendous shift in trend in the past few years. An eminent Search Engine Optimization company or anyone involved in Online Marketing would tell you, that targeting keywords with the sole intent of higher organic search rankings no longer works!

If you’ve been plagued by questions like - Do we need to blog at all? If yes, how often? And why is it important? All of these questions are pertinent.

Gaining perspective- when you publish your blog posts at regular intervals, you are providing  leeway to opportunities! The audience who matter, come visiting your company or individual website, it makes them stay a while longer what you have to offer and it also gives other websites a chance to refer you.

So, as an organisation, you gain - 

  • High CTR or Click Through Rate
  • High SP or Session Period
  • High Backlinks
  • High Brand Awareness
  • High Prospect Generation 
All of this through Search Optimization Services infused with regular blogging! A well-written blog of about 800-1000 words is great for SEO when it comes to improving organic search rankings. When your blogs are high-quality, consistent, relevant, engaging as well as persuasive it has a great influence on your overall web performance in the search engines. I would say that in the ecology of Digital Marketing  SEO and Blogs are mutualistic species!

Watch This Video to Now Optimization techniques for the Blog Post for SEO.

You can easily optimize your blogs through these essential steps:

Keyword Research

This is the first step towards effective optimization for your blog. Choose at least two primary keywords and two secondary keywords. Now use these terms only in those phrases making natural sense. Avoid keyword stuffing or else your website may get penalized or blacklisted by Search engines.
More than one or two-word phrases it is generally considered wise to go for longer phrases or questions. These are relatively less competitive and more easy to rank in SERPs.
Siri and Alexa are fast gaining momentum in the digital market, making it all the more imperative to optimize your content that can be easily accessed via voice search.

Blog Title Matters

Construct a blog title in a way that you communicate your topic using your primary keyword. Remember that your title should match the first idea or thought that strikes the mind of  a viewer or a customer while typing on the search tab!

What all to optimize in your blog?

Optimising the below-mentioned aspects are absolutely mandatory. Headings and subheadings give your written content more opportunities to include related keywords and keyphrases, to strengthen the organic search.
  • Title
  • Headings and Subheadings
  • Introductory sentence
  • Images 
  • Concluding paragraph
  • Anchor text or Internal Links that lead customers  to other related pages on your site
  • Title tags and Meta descriptions

Thorough Web Analytics

Google Analytics and Google Console are the best companions to help you boost your SEO efforts. The right kind of metric signifies what’s working for you and what are the areas that need improvement. Moreover, there are many other private web analytics companies and search engine optimization agency, that provide software solutions with advanced features to track web traffic. Click-Through Rate, Session Period and Navigation tracking are all important deciding factors of how well your page performs.

Propel your online presence through Social Media 

It is well known that Search Engine giants like Google haven't stated about ‘Social signals’ anywhere in their Organic Search Ranking algorithm. However, it has been observed for quite a while now, that a strong social media presence boosts search engine rankings. Creating unique and engaging content is just not enough - make it accessible!

This can be done by -

  • Facilitating subscription to your blog or website. 
  • Increasing blog visibility through SHARE (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, etc.) buttons.
  • Add links from social media influencers in your blog posts. 
  • Conduct social media events like polls, competitions, video sharing etc.  with credit points or attractive prizes.
  • Encourage people to share your content.

Once you pay attention to these important‌ ‌SEO efforts it is possible to create unique and interactive content, boost your organic search rankings, acquire more leads and increase your business revenue. Exopic Media believes that high-quality content creation is for the customer and not the search engine! Through our Search Engine Optimization services, we not only take care of your rankings but also ensure that your reach is widespread and your brand interacts with audiences who matter!

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