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Thursday, October 31, 2019

SEO Checklist for New Websites and SEO Audit

How powerful is your hold online?

Search Engine Optimization holds immense relevance today across any business involved in Digital Marketing than ever before, be it, starting a new website, gearing up to post on social media or performing an SEO audit. This is quite evident from the upsurge of SEO agency business and SEO consultants. And why not? You get expert opinions, support of latest resources and technology to make your organisation’s presence felt online! In keeping with recent trends it is always better to hire an SEO company to streamline your digital marketing campaigns.

If you’re an online marketer, a content marketer, an SEO consultant or even an entrepreneur - this checklist is going to help you a great deal!

Technical SEO:

Before ensuring that your content ranks high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) , it is essential that your website ranks high first!

Free reporting platforms that provide you with comprehensive analytical data. After your website should have a great & error-free indexing and crawling status, high-speed loading, and also be mobile-friendly.

XML Sitemap is a kind of tracer file your website submits to any search engine. To make sure that Google and other Search engine finds it way back to your website, you need to have built-in plugins or add-ons. Better still, a static one that creates a dynamic sitemap that remains in-sync with your website.

Another important part is the Robots.txt file that notify Search engines which parts of your web content are to be indexed.

All this is possible with tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics,  Bing Webmaster, Google PageSpeed and Google Mobile Friendly Test. If you’re already on Wordpress (or planning to begin), then Yoast SEO, WP Smush and WP Total Cache are the best tools to work with.

On-Page SEO:

The very first thing that comes to the mind is Keywords. Isn’t it?

Start with simple, low volume and synonymous terms that appear in most search engines.
The Google search and Bing search tabs are great tools to start off with! For instance if you are associated with a Biomedical Diagnostics company then just type “Best Biomedical” on the search tab. The ‘auto search’ brings you all relevant terms related to the former.

Supercharged title tags containing words like ‘Get’, ‘Best’, ‘Right now’ with relevant keywords help you stand out even in long-tailed searches. It should not be more than 55 characters, or else they appear truncated in search results.

URLs need to be precise and crisp. Don’t forget to add your relevant keyword within the URL.
For the best Meta Descriptions just observe how your rivals have described their products and services. Improvise and construct a better one within 160 characters.

Your content should generate curiosity,  be relevant and compel audiences to interact and take the next course of action. If you have numerous competitive keywords then your blog/ PR/ article should be of 800-1000 words where they can be aptly placed.

Inbound links lead the viewers to some of your own older related posts while Outbound links lead them to an expert-written piece. Both these establish authenticity to your content as well as your website.

Lastly optimize Google Image Search results and Social Share buttons on your content pages. These are the ones that guarantee a constant audience base.

Creating Links :

Just like respect, Backlinks too have to be earned. This can be done naturally by creating your own content and promoting it across various social platforms. Here, you can generate backlinks from highest ranked pages embedded in to your content!

Another great tip is to observe your competitor organisations and their marketing strategies. SimilarWeb, MOZ SEO Toolbar, Ahrefs are some of the tools that can help you with link building.
Communication is key between your organisation and the SEO consultant (if you have hired one), because the fate of  your online content rests upon their understanding. A successful website and consistent high rankings of your web content involves mastery of technical & on-page SEO optimization along with the right external factors.

Being a 360 degree media agency means maximum exposure and experience in advertising and marketing. We devise strategies and carry out all of the above procedures, equal to that of an SEO company. Post your comments and queries below, we’ll get in touch with you in a jiffy!

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