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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Watch Twin Instagram Influencer Riddhi & Siddhi Sharma

Riddhi Sharma is an Indian origin Instagram Influencer and Celebrity with over 15k followers over the internet and Snapchat @ sharmasiddhi8 Moreover, She is a sensation over Snapchat and grabbing major attention over Instagram @_riddhi_sharma. Her twin sister Siddhi Sharma @__siddhisharma_ is also an influencer with 11k followers on Instagram. They both are two twin sisters on a travel trip.

Riddhi & Siddhi Sharma Biography, Age, Nationality, Instagram

Both of them are born on 23 July in India. Riddhi Sharma & Siddhi Sharma are based in Canada and have done graduation from Centennial College. Riddhi Sharma is also close to her mother Jyoti Sharma. They don’t have a real brother but She calls Sanat Aggarwal her brother.

If you will see her timeline, she has a catching portfolio of a number of pics and videos shot in Canada. She is often seen traveling new places and sharing pics from there. She loves horseriding and tried one at Sulpher Mountain in Alberta. Riddhi Sharma has a twin sister Siddhi Sharma @_siddhisharma_ with whom she travels at every new location. You can't recognize them separately and They look the same. Both Sisters are beach lover and visit magnificent beaches with their hot wardrobe.

Have a look at some of the viral and most liked pics of Riddhi Sharma and Siddhi Sharma.

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