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Monday, April 22, 2019

Amit Bhadana comes with Office Office (Kahani Har Daftar Ki) Video

With 14 million Youtube subscribers, Amit Bhadana keeps engaging his fans with awesome funny and inspirational videos. He has been one of the top YouTubers in India from yesteryears. After his video, Shadi ki Salgirah which has garnered a massive 20 million views; Amit Bhadana is again spread on social media and video platform Youtube with new Video film Office Office (Kahani Har Daftar Ki). In this new video, Amit Bhadana presents funny moments and happenings in office between employees. It showcases all moments in really amazing and engaging way. The whole video has twist over twist in script. To get complete sight of video; Just watch it here.

Office Office (Kahani Har Daftar Ki) Full Video

Office Office (Kahani Har Daftar Ki) Video Credits and Cast

  • Directed By : Swapnil Narendra, Amit Bhadana
  • Written By : Amit Bhadana
  • D.O.P : Manish Sharma
  • Edited/Music
  • Compose : Ameen Khan
  • Assistant Director : Sagar Mangal
  • Camera Assistant : Suraj

Office Office (Kahani Har Daftar Ki) by Amit Bhadana is trending on Youtube and has been watched over 9 million times in just two days. It is liked by audience and it can be seen in the likes and comment on the video. Keep checking us for more updates on Amit Bhadana.

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