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Friday, February 15, 2019

Sheeva Rana (Jyoti) - Actress Model

Sheeva Rana ( Jyoti Rana ) is a well known Indian model and Bolywood actress. Jyoti Rana is active in entertainment industry from 1999 and has made appearance in several movies and videos. She is based in Mumbai and is often seen at promotional events and shows.

She appeared in Bollywood movies Purani Khabar, Kaam Vasna, Dracula, Khooni Ilaka, Bhoot ka Dar, Arjun Deva, Jackpot and more.... Purani Khabar was her first debut movie in 1998.

Jyoti Rana or Sheeva Rana is born in 1978. Apart from being an actress; she is also a certified fitness and yoga coach. Her Instagram timeline describe her as Yogini where she has over 183k followers. She share her fitness and yoga videos on her YouTube channel. She is always in news for her hot photoshoots.

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