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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Apoorva Jayarajan - Fitness Trainer

If you are yoga, dance or fitness lover and living in India; you can surely recognize Apoorva Jayarajan. She is an Indian yoga, dance and fitness trainer who is extremely popular on Instagram where she blogs and tells her followers stories about all difficult yoga tricks, marvelous dance steps and fitness tips for all. She is also an amid Traveller. She has over 100k followers on Instagram alone.

Apoorva Jayarajan is a certified MAT Pilates Instructor. She is also an online content creator with a popular YouTube channel Apoorva J

Let's see some of her amazing pictures and videos.

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Apoorva Jayarajan Popular Videos

Apoorva Jayarajan in News

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#notusanymore So pleasantly shocked to see that a casual rant between @buncke and I, of me telling her how it was pointless for me to go on posting pictures of me doing yoga, if the only takeaway from that was to post it without my permission on sleazy sites and fake profiles - turned into this!!! We roped in @neha.jayarajan @swatimukund @nidhimohankamal @sareesandstories @vidhyamenonahamed @stuthiraghavan @mycocktail_life and *BAMMM* a campaign was born out of it. We are a bunch of no nonsense, won't - take-it-lying-down tigresses, that will call out, name, and shame you in public & on social media. We won't hesitate to take you to task, if you mess with us! The media and the cyber cell has also woken up to the noise and taken notice. I urge anyone who is going through a case of online sexual harrassment, or identity theft and intellectual property infringement (that includes pictures being used without permission) to use the hashtag #notusanymore to not only speak up about it, but also take a positive step in taking the cyber criminals to task. . . . . #yoga2point0 #hyderabad #kochi #mumbai #chennai #timesofindia #news #media #yogagirl #yogalife #yogaance #fitnessmotivation #fitgirl #fitspiration #fitnessblogger #fitchick #toi #yogaeverydamnday #indianblogger #fitness #yogalove #fitnessmodel #workoutmotivation #yogisofig #incredibleindia #yogisofinstagram #fitnessaddict #strength

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