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Saturday, December 29, 2018

What are limitations on social media?

Social media is a vast world..

It has a large number of users, servers and content..

Therefore, Social Media companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and others keep updating their guidelines to make a fair use policy on their platform. It is done to decrease the level of phishing, fake following and social abuse on their platform.

You may have used social networks a lot but do you know? What are limitations on social media? How much you can post, tweet or follow on various social networks?

Limitations on Facebook

Facebook is most vast social networks at present. It has over 1.5 billion Facebook users and Facebook has responsibility to give then an intuitive and secure experience. Facebook has just one big limitation that you can’t follow more than 5000 accounts. Apart from that it also takes care that you don’t follow anonymous users but only those whom you know or are mutual to you.

Limitations on Twitter

Twitter is actually the most security savvy platform with maximum api limitations. On this social network you need to be very cautious while following random accounts frequently as it may land your account to suspension. Although it has a daily follow limit of 1000 accounts but with a restriction. If you are following the accounts frequently, it may block you from doing so or it may block your account too..

On maximum you can follow 5000 accounts. After you have reached limit of 5000, you will be restricted from following more accounts. You can only follow more if you have required following to follower ratio, which varies location to location. Example if you have 5000 followings but only 100 followers then you can’t follow more.

On Twitter, you are restricted to 2400 tweets, 1000 direct messages per day which is actually quite enough for personal users.

Limitations on Instagram

Instagram has officially announced only one limitation on its platform and that is you can follow maximum 7500 accounts. You can’t follow more than that limit. But there is no limit on Instagram followers, you can have any number of followers.

But many studies have shown that it has many more limits.

It has a follow limit of 160 following per hour with an extended limit of 50 following per 5 minutes.

If you do more than that you will be restricted.

There is no limit on Post but every post can have maximum 30 hashtags.

On engagement phase, you can only make 350 likes per hour.

Limitations on Pinterest

Pinterest has limitations on follows, boards, pins, images in order to give a smooth service to its users.

Pinterest officially declared that:

  1. Users can follow maximum 50000 accounts.

  2. They can have maximum 200 boards.

  3. They can have at maximum 2 lakh pins and 1 lakh likes.

  4. Aggressive log in, log out, comment, likes, pins are restricted which can lead to account blocking.

So, this is the limitation on BIG4 social networks. Follow these guidelines and save your account from blocking.

Have a nice time……

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