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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Make your site visible on Google

Analyze performance report in Google Webmaster tool for your site and see the list of search queries for which your site is appearing along with the impression, Clicks, CTR and Position.

Sort the performance report according to impression count and see if your website has appeared in SERPs for the right queries.

If the website is not getting enough impressions on the required queries; then it's time to revamp your website so that it can appear for these queries.

Some optimization tips to rank in Google:

  1. Use text to tell your important titles, description and content to Google as it understands text better than the images, animations, videos. If you are using images then put important text in the "alt" tag of images.

  2. Write as much details about the business or topic as you can. If you have not mentioned all details, Google will not know it and you will miss chance to rank for query to that details.

  3. Be topical with your details and mention each instance properly. Try to answer what, when, why and how of the topic.

Now you have analyzed your impression factor; it is time to analyze traffic factor. You can check it by analyzing clicks and CTR in performance report.

Sort the performance report by "Average CTR". Try to improve website's CTR by making it best among your competitors.

Some tips to improve CTR of website:

  1. Make a plan to feature your website on other appropriate place online. You can work on off page and link building plan for your website. These links help you increase your domain authority and get more referral traffic.

  2. Be focused with one topic on one page. Don't get diversified. It enhance accuracy, descriptive and credibility of the details.

  3. Regularly update your website with new content. Trends keep changing; so your content should also be.

These are the important tips to optimize your website and rank in Google. Be consumer friendly and focus on serving right and detailed information to them. It is best way to rank on top search result pages.

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