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Friday, December 21, 2018

Kodaikanal - Evergreen Gift of Forest

Kodaikanal is a frequently visited hill station in Western Ghats in state of Tamil Nadu which is near to another famous hill station Ooty. Kodaikanal in tamil means “Gift of forest”. Just like Ooty is called the “queen of hill stations”; Kodiakanal is referred to as the “princess of hill stations”.
Kodaikanal is a plateau region in Palani Hills of western ghats with Kodaikanal lake in midst of the region.

It is a popular and historical retreat from hot climate in plains. The cool environment, dense forest and mesmerizing beauty of Kodaikanal keep blessing visitors round the year. Wonderful climate along with fresh air attracts the tourist towards this hill station.

Kodaikanal has a lot to offer with its rich flora and fauna, grasslands, plantations, high waterfalls, gardens and flowerbeds. It delivers a soothing, romantic and lasting sensation to visitors with its natural attractions making it a popular romantic destination among newlyweds.

Lakes and Streams

Kodaikanal Lake is one of the prominent lakes and a landmark in Kodaikanal area. It is artificially created over 60 acres of area where boating, fishing and other water activities take place. Additionally, horse riding and bicycle riding services are also available here to explore the hill station. Berijam lake is another lake which is a visitor attraction but it is prohibited for boating activities because it is source of water for residents. One can spot bison, deer, panther and snakes in jungles around the lak

Bear Shola Falls is a tall waterfall which is a quiet area and there is a foot path.

Parks and Gardens

Kodai Hills are covered with grasslands, meadows and pine plantations. With all this there is a well maintained botanical garden which is spread over 20 acres of land and houses 325 species of trees, shrubs and cacti. During peak season, visitors see various type of flowers bloom in park making it extremely colorful. There is a special section where over 700 species of roses are cultivated. There are a lot of eucalyptus trees and a Bodhi tree which adds a religious factor in the park. You can buy some ornamental plants from the nursery.

Viewpoints for stunning view

Just like any hill station, Kodaikanal has some excellent viewpoints which give visitors astonishing view of the valley. Green Valley View gives an excellent view of plains. The way which leads to the viewpoint has a lot of shops to lure visitors. Pillar rocks is another unique pillar shaped Cliffside which gives sweeping view of mountains. Here; you will find a garden adjoining the viewpoint. Dolphin’s nose is another viewpoint which gives an extraordinary view of rocky plateau rising from the plains. Nearby is a waterfall called Pambar falls. Another lesser known falls are Kumbkarai falls, Silver Cascade falls and Vettakanal Water falls.

Kurinji Andavar Murugan temple

It is a prominent temple built for deity called Lord Murugan. This temple is famous for the kurinji flower which are said to bloom once in every 12 years. It is said to be built in 1936 by an European lady who adopted hinduism who was married to Mr. Poonamballam Ramanatham. This area also has a number of churches such as Anglican Church.

Palni Hills often called Elephant hills also grab visitor’s sight. Kodaikanal Solar Observatory is also frequently visited in kodaikanal. Guna Caves are also famous as they are deep bat infested caves in between Pillar Rocks. But due to tragic death of 12 youth in caves, these are well protected and visitors are allowed to see it from far away. Coaker’s Walk is also a must visit in Kodaikanal which is 1 kilometer path carved out of slopes to help you get most picturesque views of hill.

So, Pack your bags fast to experience the soothing climate and environment of the hills station which will make you want to live here forever.

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