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Monday, December 31, 2018

Amazing Bridges in World


 If you want to know about the most amazing constructions in world; don't just see the list of high line skyscrapers, historical palaces but even Bridges can be in list of amazing constructions.

Here is a list of most amazing Bridges in various parts of the world. These Bridges signify the power of engineering and science.

Floating Bridge in China

There is a floating Bridge in Xuan'en Country of central China's Hubei Province. This is a great miracle of engineering and hydrodynamics. This walkway/ bridge runs through the river and has a length of 500 meters. Have a glimpse of the Floating Bridge in China.


Cua Vang (Golden Bridge) of Vietnam

Next structure in list of amazing Bridges comes Cua Vang (Golden Bridge) in Ba Na hills in Vietnam. This bridge is build upon hand looking structures in hills. People feel the bridge is held upon these hands. This amazing structure was built in a time period less than a year. Have a glimpse of this crazy bridge Cua Vang.

Marcello Fernan Bridge in Phillipines

Marcello Fernan Bridge is one of the best bridge in Phillipines. It is a cable stayed bridge in Metro Cebu in Phillipines. It is 1237 meters long stretching from Mandaeu to Lapu Lapu City in Mactan Channel. Marcello Fernan Bridge was constructed in 1996 and has 4 lanes along with a pedestrian walkway.

Transporter Bridge in England

Another marvel in the list is Transporter Bridge on River Tees in England. This bridge is unique as it is constructed on theory on transporter bridge and it has capacity to carry 200 people, 9 cars or 6 cars with a minibus. This bridge has a stretch of 259 meters. This amazing bridge was constructed in 1911 and still stands firm at it's place. Have a glimpse of Transporter Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Brooklyn Bridge is another famous bridge in world with is an astonishing engineering structure. It is a hybrid structure which encompasses features of cable stayed and suspension bridge both. It connects Manhattan to Brooklyn stretching a length of 1825 meters. This bridge was built in a long time span of 14 years from 1869-83 making it longest suspension bridge at that time. This marvel bridge has 6 lanes for cars, a elevated train line, pedestrian walkway and bicycle ways. Have a glimpse of this amazing structure

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See the pictures of above bridges.

floating bridge in china

Floating bridge of China

Gloden Bridge

Transaporter Bridge

Mercello Fernan Bridge

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