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Friday, November 30, 2018

Who is Bhishma In Mahabharata?

If you are a fan of Mahabharata; you must know Bhishma.

Bhishma was one of the greatest warriors in Mahabharata War. He was known for his pledge of celibacy. He is eighth son of King Shantanu of Kuru clan and goddess Ganga. He got a boon of wish long life from his father Shantanu. His real name was Devavrata.

Who Was Bhishma Pitamah?

Bhishma was Vasu Prabhasa in his earlier birth who was cursed by Guru Vashistha for stealing his cow, Nandani that he will take a human birth and will suffer the pains of earth for a long time.

After birth; he was taken to heaven by his mother Ganga where he was taught about Veda and Shastra along with martial and warfare art by Devaguru Shukracharaya, Narada, Brihaspati, Vashistha, Markandeya, Indra and Parshurama.

He was returned to Shantanu when his education was completed.

Vow of Bhishma

He took vow to protect the King of Kuru clan throughout life. He accompanied at least five generations of Kuru Clan. He was related to both Kaurava and Pandava.

He was supreme commander of Kaurava army in Kurukshetra war. Bhishma was a Maharathi who was capable of fighting 7,20,000 soldiers at once. He slew at least 10,000 soldiers and 1000 Rathis everyday.

Role in Mahabharata

In tenth day of battle, Shikhandani accompanied Arjuna in his chariot. On seeing Shikhandani, Bhishma put down his bow and arrow. After which he was pierced with a number of arrows by Arjuna and Bhishma fell down on arrow bed. Due to his boon, he died after the end of battle as his wish and waited for 58 days for Uttrayana.

It is believed that Bhishma was approximately 114 years old at time of Mahabharata War.

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