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Thursday, November 22, 2018

What is Digital Marketing and How it Works?

Hey Guys! How are you?  So You are here to know about what digital marketing definition is!

For sure your are at right place. In this whole tutorial, I am going to tell you what digital marketing is? You will get to know what makes online marketing so attractive and relevant in today's marketplace. You will get to know what are the important elements of digital marketing and how they are implemented in real internet marketing world.

Digital Marketing is not a small subject but it's a vast ocean which has endless knowledge. The deeper you go, the deeper your knowledge gets.

Digital Marketing Definition/ WikiPedia

By Definition; Digital Marketing on Wikipedia: Digital Marketing is comprised of all Marketing strategies which are applied to target audience which is using Digital devices and  convert those stranger person into a paying consumer.

By Digital, we are not only saying online marketing on Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but we are also saying advertising on devices which use digital technology. So, if a device uses digital technology then Marketing on that device is called digital marketing (internet marketing). For example, mobile advertisement on online places like Google, Facebook and Twitter is digital Advertising and on other hand, advertising on a radio channel is also digital Advertising.

Importance of Digital Marketing Advertisements

You love Digital marketing advertisements but have you ever thought why digital marketing ads so lovable?

The answer to this amazing question is very simple.

Marketing is an activity which is done at a place where the crowd is. Because it's not worthy to speak up your sales pitch in front of no one. And in today's world digital platforms have huge presence of audience of all type. More than half of world is on digital devices today making it an inevitable opportunity. Apart from that digital advertising gives lot of new features, accessibility and flexibility to both advertisers and the audience which makes it important choice for both of them.

What are Digital Devices?

For sure, you have read about digital technology in your intermediate classes but instead let me brief you about digital devices. Electronic data travel from one internet device to another device through electronic signals. If you type “HI”  in your Message Box and press send button. Your message is first encoded into electronic signal. When electronic signal reaches its destination device, the electronic signal is decoded into real message “HI” and it is seen by receiver.

This electronic signal is of two type:

Analogue Signal

Analogue Signal travel in wave form. It changes continuously with respect to time. Devices in which signals are analogue are called analogue devices.

Digital Signal

Digital signals travel in bit form. It travels in form of 0 and 1. Devices in which devices in which signals are digital are called digital devices.

So that was your brief description of digital signals and digital devices. If you want to know more you can refer electronic blog. I don't know what is much more.

Let's talk about Online/ Offline marketing now!

Therefore, Digital Marketing has two sectors:
  • Online Marketing

Internet Marketing strategies applied on online platforms such as Google Display Network, Facebook, Blogs and Websites.
  • Offline Marketing

Marketing strategies applied on offline digital devices such as mobile, radio, digital screens through SMS Marketing, radio advertisement and more.

In this whole tutorial we are going to tell you about the both online marketing and offline marketing. So be ready to dive into Blue Ocean of digital marketing.

Online Marketing or Internet Marketing is basically advertising your products and services on online platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Websites, Listing, Directories and much more because options are endless.

Online marketing is executed with lot of strategies which consists of tactics like Search Engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media Optimization, social media marketing, inbound marketing, content marketing, E-Commerce marketing, blogging and local listings.

Search engine optimization is basically a marketing strategy in which we try to rank higher in search engine like Google, Bing, Yandex through various on page and off page seo optimization of web asset. In this strategy, we don't pay anything to the search engines for the result.

On other hand search engine marketing is a marketing strategy in which we want to rank higher in search engines result pages by paying them for it.

Similarly in social media Optimisation, we try to market a product or services on social media through paid methods and on other hand in social media marketing, we tend to use social media’s paid Marketing services.

One of the most important step in online marketing is content. Without content there is no marketing either online or offline. so, you need to create amazing content for success of your online marketing efforts. The quality, freshness and frequency of your content helps you get higher rankings and useful leads in online marketing.  You will know more about creating viral content and how to market it in further blogs.

Inbound marketing is another strategy in which we try to target people who have interacted with our product and services in the past again and again. It is basically developed by hubspot Incorporation. You can Learn about it and get hubspot certifications too , through this link.

These are the main sections of online marketing.

Now coming to offline marketing.

Offline marketing is not a rocket science just like Internet marketing. it is basically a business to business services. You need to just fine a good and reliable service vendor. And you can get all offline digital marketing Services. Offline digital Marketing consists of SMS marketing, radio advertising, digital screens and much more. Full sections you will get to know how to create best content for offline digital marketing.

So this is the end of the page but not your learning.

Keep learning step by step.

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