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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

MCD Trade License Policy - Expert Guidance

MCD Trade License Policy - Expert Guidance

Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) policy for obtaining the trade license is easy to understand. If the applicant follows the specified MCD trade license policy then there will be no hassles in trade license registration, application or renewal. Here are some guidelines necessary to be aware of before the filing of online MCD trade license application form.


Business which require trade license for operations

  1. All businesses dealing with food products such as restaurant, canteen, bakery, meat etc.
  2. Manufacturing business owners such as factories, mills, cyber cafe etc.
  3. Business which deals with crackers, candles, timber sale or any dangerous material.

Time Period Policy for MCD Trade License

  1. Business owners must apply for trade license within 30 days of commencement of business operations.
  2. Trade license is issued within 1 week of application but sometimes it can take more time period depending on situations like deficiency of documents, server problems or holidays etc.
  3. MCD can revoke or cancel the trade license if the business doesn’t follow prescribed rules and regulations.
  4. It is required to apply for mcd trade license renewal to continue the smooth business operations. Trade license renewal period lies between 1st January to 31st March every year.

As per the revised MCD trade license policy; a business is required to follow the rules as specified in Shop and Establishment registration Act in order to maintain legal status of the MCD trade license.

Now we can conclude that trade license is very important to adhere with the legal compliance laid down by the local municipal corporation. Every process is now online and it makes it easy for everyone to read and take note of all the MCD trade license policy.

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