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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

How to Create a Subsidiary Company?

How to Create a Subsidiary Company?

Company registration procedure in India has been simplified very much. To encourage foreign investments in India, MCA has improved the guidelines for formation of Indian subsidiary company. If a foreign company wants to set up a subsidiary in India; they have to follow up the guidelines specified by the MCA. Foreign companies have to choose right business structure as per the indian tax norms and rules and regulations. It is mandatory for foreign companies to take prior permission from indian government in order to form an indian subsidiary company in india.

Here is the depiction of whole procedure to create a subsidiary company in India.

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Process to Create a Subsidiary Company

  1. Give a authorization for formation of Indian subsidiary company
  2. Choose the right kind of company to incorporate
  3. Create a company formation draft as per the law
  4. File the incorporation application with the registrar of companies

Foreign companies have to comply with the rules of MCA and FDI.

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