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Friday, August 17, 2018

Drug Licence For Medical Store/ Pharmacy Business

Pharmacy business is one of the most lucrative sector to invest in. that’s why various business houses are investing in this sector. Entrepreneurs must obtain drug license for medical store to start a pharmacy business in India. It gives you a legal status and tremendous growth opportunity for healthcare sector in India.



If you are interested into drug license registration; then you must keep note of the following points to apply online for drug license for medical store.


Requirements for Drug License Application

  1. Business Area requirementMinimum area required is 10 metric square for medical store or pharmacy store or wholesale outlet. In case of a combined business of retail and wholesale, a minimum area requirement will be 15 metric square.

  2. Storage facility : Storage facility must have refrigerators and AC in premises for storage of various vaccines.

  3. Technical Staff : A registered pharmacist is required to be available all the business hours.

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