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Friday, January 4, 2019

Shillong - Scotland of East

Shillong is a breathtaking hill station in state of Meghalaya. Shillong has exciting mountain peaks, lakes with crystal clear water, golf courses, museums and zoos. It is a favorite holiday destination for travelers due to its pleasant climate. It was referred as “Scotland of East” by European settlers of Scotland because of its rolling hills. Shilling lies over a plateau called Shillong Plateau surrounded with hills. Shillong area is prone to heavy rainfall and frequent earthquakes.

Shillong has lots of scenic landscape, lakes, forests, waterfalls to grab your eye.

Crystal clear Umiam lake

Umiam lake is a reservoir created by damming Umiam River. It is a major tourist attraction where tourists indulge in lots of activities for recreation. It is a popular destination for sporting events and water activities which fill visitors with adventure. Some tourists like activities such as cycling, boating and scooting. It is also a favorite spot to see mesmerizing sunset view.

Ward’s lake is another prominent lake in Shillong which is surrounded by large gardens. This lake has different varieties of colorful fishes. Lotus with big leaves can be seen floating on the lake. Garden around the lake has musical fountains where fountains dance on music tunes. Visitors will also find a cafeteria to have some refreshments.

Abundance of Waterfalls

Shillong has a number of waterfalls which are favorite recreational spots for the visitors. Out of all there are some prominent waterfalls which are frequented by visitors. Elephant Waterfall in upper Shillong area is most visited. It is called elephant fall because of an elephant shaped rock which was destroyed in an earthquake. Sweet falls are another waterfall located on steep slope in Happy Valley. The rocks here are always slippery due to heavy rain. Bishop and Beadon falls are beautiful falls in Suna Valley but it is home to animals such as leapord, Jaguar, Wild cats along with various bird species. It is advised to be cautious while visiting Sweet fall, Bishop fall and Beadon falls.

Nohkalikai is tallest plunge waterfall in India with 1115 feets height. It is located near Cherrapunji; area which gets highest rainfall in India. Spread Eagle falls is also a beloved waterfall among tourists.

Well maintained Parks

Lady Hyadri park is not just a park but a small zoo within it. It has a mini zoo and a deer park with a lot of varieties of orchids and flowering plants. It is a favorite place for children as it has a number of swings, sea-saws and slips for them making it a favorite picnic spot for families. It is spread over an area of more than one kilometer. Phan Nonglait park is another beautiful park with different flowers of various color and creed.

Mattilang Amusement Park in Shillong is a popular amusement destination for tourists.

Golf Course for Golf Lovers

Shillong has first golf course in India to have 18 holes. It is a dream place for golf lovers located at an altitude of 5200 feet with beautiful unique location. It has been compared with Glen Eagle Golf Course of United States.

Shillong has a butterfly museum which showcases a huge collection of various types of butterflies including some of the rarest species. It is preferred by zoology enthusiasts and even adults and children like this place as it gives them an opportunity to interact with nature and play with these beautiful butterflies. Don Bosco center for indigenous culture is avenue where entire culture of north east states is showcased. It has amazing collection of tribal attires, artifacts, ornamentation, weapons and photographs which helps in preservation of north east culture.

Shillong peak is highest point in Shillong which is a viewpoint for breathtaking picturesque views of Shillong city. Forest around Shillong peaks can be explored by visitors by foot because forests don’t have dangerous wild animals and they have abundance of rare and exotic plants. Caves are another attraction of Shillong as they are naturally beautiful.

The only big commercial space in Shillong is Police Bazaar Area where you can shop from some leading brands and experience city life in Shillong.

If you have some more time; you can visit Cherapunji which receives highest rainfall in world and is wettest place on earth.

Not just wettest place; it is a place full of enthralling adventure, romantic sightseeing and best for experiencing cultural harmony. So, if you desire to lose your mind in natural ecstasy; then don’t think too much! Shillong is your ultimate travel destination.

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