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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Dallas Based Sruthi Jayadevan - Rising Vlogger Influencer Model

Sruthi Jayadevan is a popular social Influencer with over 100k followers on Instagram. She is a influencer, model, stylist based in Dallas, USA who is infamous for her attractive photoshoots in traditional Indian wear which grabs internet attention. Her photos reveal her love for Indian traditional attire. She is also an eminent vlogger on YouTube where she vlogs lifestyle and beauty tips for youth.

Sruthi Jayadevan DOB, Birth, Education, Career

Sruthi Jayadevan is born on November 24, 1995 in Saudi Arabia and she spend her childhood in a small rural village in a South Indian state called Kerala. Later she moved to the U.S with her single mother when she was 11 years old. She attended school in Dallas and is pursuing course for Supply Chain Management and Logistics degree in College in USA.

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Sruthi Jayadevan has made social media and lifestyle blogging he full time career with many business ventures in food and fashion industry. Initially she has modeled for various photographers in western fashion brands but later she discovered power of Indian traditional attire.

After that she started posting her pics in traditional Indian attire over internet which garnered a million eyeballs and she became a sensation over internet for her traditional sense of clothing.

Sruthi Jayadevan Brand Collaborations

Now she has grown into a popular influencer, model, stylist.  Sruthi Jayadevan is choice of numerous big brands for influencer marketing and has collaborated with beauty and lifestyle brands like Desi Ever After, Huda Beauty, and Fenty Beauty for their influencer marketing.

Not just these brand but International Brands like Michael Kors, Designer Shoe Warehouse, Agaci, Panera Bread, DIFF eyewear and 7-Eleven have hired her expertise to spread their words with online audience.

Sruthi Jayadevan Age, Height, Weight, Measurements, Zodiac

Sruthi Jayadevan DOB: November 24, 1995
Sruthi Jayadevan Age: 24 Years (2020)
Sruthi Jayadevan Zodiac: Sagittarius
Sruthi Jayadevan Height: 5'7"
Sruthi Jayadevan Weight: 56 Kg
Sruthi Jayadevan Bust: 36"
Sruthi Jayadevan Waist: 28"
Sruthi Jayadevan Hips: 37"
Sruthi Jayadevan Measurements: 36"-28"-37"
Sruthi Jayadevan Eye Color: Black
Sruthi Jayadevan Hair Color: Black

Sruthi Jayadevan Boyfriend, Husband, Relationships and Net Worth

Sruthi Jayadevan is in relationship with her boyfriend Pranna

Pranna is a  Music, Finance, Lifestyle, Tech Entrepreneur in USA and is seen over internet vlogging tips and tricks with her girlfriend.

Sruthi Jayadevan has amassed an estimated Networth of $2 Million 

She has earned it through her collaborations with international brands for influencer marketing and photoshoot modeling. She is regularly seen posing for various brands in front of camera wearing hot dresses that show her curves very well. She has a hot figurine and curves which are too hot to handle.

Although Sruthi has a figure and fitness that every women longs for but truly speaking she doesn't love going to the gym but she find a walk, yoga or light stretching exercise good for health. If you want to know her choice of food then you must know that Sruthi Jayadevan loves eating clean, fresh, and healthy food items rather than junk food. She finds steamed veggies and lean protein rich food such as fish very yummy and healthy.

Let's Have a Look At Pictures of Sruthi Jayadevan in Traditional, Western Wear and in Bindi. Then Let You decide about her beauty and eye grabbing heavenly structure. You will be damn lost in her beauty after watching these ultimate pics of her from brand photoshoots and Instagram timeline.

Image Source: Instagram @sruthijayadevan

Image Source: Instagram @sruthijayadevan

Image Source: Instagram @sruthijayadevan

Image Source: Instagram @sruthijayadevan

Sruthi Jayadevan Bindi picture and videos are popular over twitter, tik tok, LinkedIn and YouTube as she is popular among her audience for her Indian fashion sense. When she wears a Saari with Bindi; she looks damn hot and glamorous. With Pallu on Head, Bindi on Forehead, Lips adored with Red Lipstick, Eyes Flashed with Black Mascara and Jhumkas in Ears and unlocked Hairs; she gives looks of a true Indian beauty with adorable grace. She doesn't seems to be based in USA but she gives a flashback of her true ethnicity and that in South Indian Charm.

Her tattoo on chest which reads "Love Yourself" signifies how much she adores the traits of self reliance and self esteem. She tells her audience and fans to love themselves and reach glory with what you are. You don't need to leave your culture or your tradition but you can achieve every milestone along with it.

Watch viral pics of Sruthi Jayadevan in Bindi and Saari.

Image Source: Instagram @sruthijayadevan

Image Source: Instagram @sruthijayadevan

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