What’s In My Handbag??

Fashion is a high visual industry. They can also provide you with ideas about what you can mix and match to create that Perfect look but affordable.

Some People are say diamonds are a girl’s friends but I always say and Sure they’re incorrect. It’s a Handbag/ Purse. Because a handbag hold your belongings and never complains.

Girls never Forget their handbag. Because there are many things they need that they always like to take with them.

Bushra khan

So today I will share my handbag secret with you which helps you too.

First thing is a phone Charger in your handbag which is more important thing. Mostly people always forget their phone charge before going out. If your phone is switched off because of low battery and you can’t click selfies at parties and you can’t any work like book a cab with a phone.

So,next time don’t forget your phone charger or power bank to put in your handbag.

Sometimes you are getting late so you will always forget to apply deo/ Perfumes. Even mostly……so, Don’t face weirdness always remember perfume to put handbag.


This is most useful thing in Public places like train or anywhere. Because then they really need them.

And protect unfortunately every time forget there earphones before leaving their home.So, Always remember must carry every day important things in your handbag like Sunglasses, Comb, Pen etc.

Every girl want to show look beautiful and wants to fresh on everytime. If you go out of the house and you get the call of your friends for party or a meeting and you have to go to party party and you need a touch-up and refreshing your makeup.

So, don’t forget your basic makeup pouch.

These face wipes clear the dirt and make it more refreshing.Because pollution is everywhere So, we need make Refresh must put face wipes in your bag.

We should be must always moisturise our skin and lips. It’s look amazing and make glowing skin .This will help and sunscreen protect your skin from sun.

Always girls favourite Gums/mint and It will help Always fresh your mouth and refresh your Breath.

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