Priya Muniswamy Upcoming Micro Artist of India

People in this world have achieved in different fields such as entrepreneurship, author-preneurship, medical, film & entertainment industry. But there are very few who are getting fame and money from micro art industry. And there is a young girl from South India who is a micro-artist which made the whole world filled with wonder. Micro-art is something which is done with lots of patience and dedication. A bit of mistake and the whole art will be destroyed where again one should start from the first.

Priya Muniswamy from south India is an graduate from Mount Carmel college in Bangalore. Without any training or experience she started doing mini arts, She started carvings on chalk and made it miniature as much as possible. She’s does carvings on crayons, woods, chalks, and many other crafts. Her journey of micro carvings started since 2011 where her first carving was her best friend Mahalakshmi Ratan where after being displayed to her friends, they were amazed to see such wonder in those mini hands. Usually Priya was an average student with no much interest in any of the extra curricular activities but unexpectedly she found her own hidden talent. When people were getting rid of old news papers, Priya used to make crafts out of it and show case it in her house. With no much courage or support she started her journey and recently she started bringing awareness against rape. She’s from Tamil Nadu and settled in Bangalore, She loves to planting and cooking. Her mini dream is to start a workshop based on art and organize it and exhibit in the future.

She says, In world filled with chaos, pain and sorrow, art keeps the child within her alive.

She also sells her crafts and orders keep coming for her. Her charges are reasonable and she will definitely win the heart of the customers who order miniature crafts which can be gifted for birthdays, a sovereign.

To see her complete arts one can follow her page @handmadegiftsarecute in Instagram and one can get directly in touch with her. With all our support, who knows one day she will be the most famous artist from India and she will be the person who represents our country and make us proud.

Articles submitted by Abhijith Krissh (Indian Author)

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