Top 10 world's fastest growing cities are in India

According to the new report by Oxford Economics, All of the top 10 fastest growing cities in worlds lie in India.

The country’s diamond hub, Surat, will see the fastest expansion worldwide through 2035, growing at an average of more than 9%. Agra and Bengaluru take the second and the third spot, respectively, followed by Hyderabad and Nagpur. The economic output of these cities may remain small compared to the world’s biggest metropolises, but the cumulative GDP of Asian cities will exceed that of North American and European urban centres combined in 2027, the report says.

New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles and London will defend their spots as Shanghai and Beijing — each boasting more than 20 million people — surpass Paris and Chicago. Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Southern China will also make the top 10, crowding out Hong Kong.

Rank City Annual Growth
1 Surat 9.17%
2 Agra 8.58%
3 Bengaluru 8.50%
4 Hyderabad 8.47%
5 Nagpur 8.41%
6 Tiruppur 8.36%
7 Rajkot 8.33%
8 Tiruchirapalli 8.29%
9 Chennai 8.17%
10 Vijaywada 8.16%
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