Second book of Abhijith Krissh

Abhijith Krissh just announced to us that he’s already started writing his second book and we are the first source to get the title.

The title of the book is “BROKEN HEART, where my story began” He’s already discussed the story with his schoolmate Trishika and he said that Trishika will be the second lead throughout the story. Infact, even Trishika wrote a book and she’s ready to publish it as soon as possible.

Priya Muniswamy who selected the cover picture of the previous book “you’re the spitting image of my angel” also know about the story. According to the sources of Abhijith, He said that the story what he’s penning down is his own love story and he’s changing a bit of his story to make it interesting as much as possible to the readers.

Abhijith is also working on a book with Yathish Y P L and it’s YPL‘s  first book “Love in insta, #YPL” He told that he’s the Anthology editor for Ypl’s Book. Soon the book will be released by the same Publishers which published Abhijith’s first book. (Educreation Publisher)

Abhijith has plans to get his second book published by Penguin Random India or Srishti publishers. Hope his dreams come true.

After much insisting he has shared a small part of the summary of the book, This is an Indian middle class based story which depicts the life of Siddharth from his school days and with each step, different obstacles are there to face. Let’s see what is coming ahead of him?


Vote of Thanks for special ones

Abhijith Krissh wanted to thank each and every one in person but there are some few special ones in his life.

  1. Thank you Medall Clumax Diagnostic Center for supporting and leading the first book “You’re the spitting image of my angel”  if at all it’s not for Clumax, my book would not have been completed in time. After all Medall is the place which brought me innovative ideas. Medall Clumax is the place where people work with Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Passion, Fun, Trust, Transparency and speed for the patients and hold their hands in the most needful time.
  2. Thank you Mr. Apurba and Mrs. Shamala employees of Medall for supporting me and it’s you guys who made my dream come true.
  3. My vote of thanks to Mrs. Prema.
  4. My special vote of thanks to Rania A Shenaz and Yathish Y P L
  5. I don’t have to thank you but yes, you are the most and wonderful thing that happened in my life, Thank you Priya Muniswamy (Dolly) for selecting the book cover and making it a beauty.
  6. My vote of thanks for my parents is just not enough. They are the God who gave birth to me. So still a lot of things are there to complete. But, AMMA (Jayanthi Dinesh), and APPA (Dinesh) Thank you. AND
  7. Thank you Tanisha, my sister, without you nothing would have happened.
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