Importance of RERA Certificate for Real Estate Agents

Indian government introduced the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 act to regulate real estate industry and protect interest of home buyers. RERA is a regulatory and dispute redressal authority in each state in India.


Documents Required for RERA Registration

For successful registration of agents under RERA Act, applicants are required to submit below listed documents. Applicant must consult the leading consultants for preparation of documents required for RERA registration.

  1. Proof of IT Returns of last three years
  2. PAN Card of the applicants
  3. Aadhar card of the applicants
  4. Passport size photographs of applicants
  5. Address Proof of the business
  6. Blank Sample Receipt

You must get ready all documents required for RERA registration in India to avoid any delay in the RERA registration process.


RERA Registration Process for Agents

If you are a real estate builder, broker or agent and want to register under RERA act. You can follow below procedure for successful RERA certification.

  1. Fill the inquiry form with details like name, number, service and state.
  2. Our representatives will contact you for assistance.
  3. Answer the questions asked by our representatives.
  4. We will file RERA registration application on your behalf.
  5. Make the payment of government fee and professional fee.
  6. We will assist you in complete process till the approval of license.

Thus you must not worry about how to register with RERA as here are professionals to help you.


States with RERA Implementation

The states in India have implemented RERA Act in their jurisdiction. Below is the details of RERA authority in each state.


State/UT Date of notification Website
Gujarat 29 October 2016
Uttar Pradesh 11 October 2016
Chandigarh 31 October 2016
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 31 October 2016
Andaman and Nicobar Islands 31 October 2016
Lakshadweep 31 October 2016
Daman and Diu 31 October 2016
Madhya Pradesh 22 October 2016
Delhi 24 November 2016
Maharashtra 19 April 2017
Andhra Pradesh 28 March 2017
Odisha 25 February 2017
Bihar 1 May 2017
Rajasthan 1 May 2017
Jharkhand 18 May 2017
Uttarakhand 28 April 2017
Tamil Nadu 22 June 2017
Karnataka 10 July 2017
Punjab 8 June 2017
Chattisgarh 26 April 2017
Haryana 28 July 2017
Assam 6 May 2017
Telangana 4 August 2017
Himachal Pradesh 28 September 2017
Goa 24 November 2017
Tripura 27 October 2017
Pondicherry 18 July 2017


RERA Registration Fee for Brokers

RERA registration fee is minimum 30,000 INR including taxes (professional fee + government processing charges). This amount is not fixed as it increases with various factors such as plot size, type of company and more. Inquire to know the exact RERA registration fee.


Validity of RERA Certificate

RERA certificate has a validity of 5 years. RERA license is required to be renewed within 60 days before the expiry date of RERA license.


RERA Registration Consultants

There are a number a RERA License consultants for application filing but GSB Taxation is the leading business consultancy to help you in complete RERA licensing procedure such as application filing, document preparation, departmental coordination, license approval.

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