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In the evenings, the locals like to walk known as xhiro, it’s an official evening walk where every resident comes out to stretch their legs and catch up with their neighbours. When an Albanian is agreeing with you, he or she will shake their head, and when they are disagreeingRead More →

Kabul; which is the capital of Afghanistan is also the largest city. Afghanistan is a landlocked country sharing borders with Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and China. The people of Afghanistan are called Afghans and their currency is Afghanis. Agriculture is the main source of income for Afghans.  Afghanistan isRead More →

Bihar in eastern India is one of the oldest inhabited places in the world with a history going back 3000 years. Amongst the most famous places to visit in Bihar is Gaya, which is a Buddhist & Hindu pilgrimage hub. Let’s check out the complete list of top tourist places, sightseeing, attractions and things to do in Bihar. Bodhgaya,Read More →

Himachal Pradesh is a northern Indian state in the Himalayas. It’s home to scenic mountain towns and resorts such as Dalhousie. Host to the Dalai Lama, Himachal Pradesh has a strong Tibetan presence. This is reflected in its Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as its vibrant Tibetan New YearRead More →

Being the national capital of one of the largest democracies around the world, Delhi enjoys the status of being one of the favourites among the tourist all over the world. It has a great historical background dated as old as in Mahabharata Period. It has a number of historical relicsRead More →

   If you want to know about the most amazing constructions in world; don’t just see the list of high line skyscrapers, historical palaces but even Bridges can be in list of amazing constructions. Here is a list of most amazing Bridges in various parts of the world. These BridgesRead More →

If you are a fan of Mahabharata; you must know Bhishma. Bhishma was one of the greatest warriors in Mahabharata War. He was known for his pledge of celibacy. He is eighth son of King Shantanu of Kuru clan and goddess Ganga. He got a boon of wish long lifeRead More →

Kamadhenu is mother of all cattles on Earth. According to legends; Kamadhenu is a wish fulfilling cow who can do anything. She can create forests, feast. She is also known as Surbhi. As per the mythology, she is daughter of Kashyap Rishi and his wife Krodhavasa. Surbhi meditated Lord BrahmaRead More →

Do you know? What is height of Lord Shiva? According to Purana and ancient scripts, the height of Lord Shiva is equal to the height of a fully grown male horse. He is worshipped by Shaivism followers. He is the first Yogi in this universe. He is married to DeviRead More →

Kuru Dynasty in Mahabharata In Mahabharata period, the kuru kingdom was the most prominent ruling kingdom. The rulers of Kuru Dynasty had defeated several Kings and all of them paid tributes to Hastinapur. Bhishma, Dhritrashtra, Pandu, Duryodhan, Karna, Arjun, Yudhisthira and Bheema were prominent members of Kuru Dynasty. There wereRead More →