Agnijita Banerjee – Model Influencer

Who is Agnijita Banerjee?

Agnijita is a model and Influencer by profession. She has been part of a number of Fashion shoots. She is a fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger. She is an active fahion model from few years back based in Dubai. She is fond of high skyscrapers, culture lifestyle and the desert of Dubai. Inspired by Miranda Kerr who is her fashion icon; she induces a lot of hotness in her bikini photoshoots. Her confident and bold looks are admirable and every photographer is just in search of this fashion Model. 

She has also an interest in entrepreneurship as she is co- founder and face of The Jewels of Dubai.

Agnijeeta Banerjee has over 60k followers on Instagram just because of her amazing feed. Watch some of her best pics and sexy Photoshoots videos.

Agnijita Banerjee Instagram Pictures


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