Abhijith Krissh writes a poem after 5 years. He had written 100 poems during his school days. He said, he had written for one person and after they read it, the book has been destroyed for confidentiality. Further questioned why? and he left with no comments.


1) VRGyani -When did you start writing poems?

Abhijith Krissh – I started writing poems from school days. I was studying 9th grade. Inspired by English classes and the poet Robert frost, I started writing.

2) VRGyani – Are you going to write poems in future?

Abhijith Krissh – Maybe, am not sure. But I do have plans to write poems for kids and illustrate like comic books so that the poems can be read like stories.

3) VRGyani – Poems are not easy to write, but based on what you wrote poems?

Abhijith Krissh – I used to write poems based on what I saw. I spent my 2 years in hostel, I used to see sunshine, rain, love, couples, flower. I just put those right words in the book and I used to convert my dreams to poems too.

4) VRGyani – Can everyone write poems?

Abhijith Krissh – If people are inspired and if they show dedication to something then yes, anybody can write poem and anybody can be a poet.

5) VRGyani – Can you tell us what happened to that book which contained 100 poems?

Abhijith Krissh – Please don’t force me. Just think that the book is lost. Further no more comments.

6) VRGyani – Kindly tell us the poem what you have written?

Readers store a million stories
Daily bread with daily read
brings joy and no worries
Every story has a golden seed.

Writers have a countless lives
They build a world with fantasy
Stories makes happiness survives
Where readers find immortality

-Abhijith Krissh

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