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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Continental: Everything You Need to Know About the John Wick Prequel

John Wick rules. It’s one of the most universally praised action franchises starring one of the most ubiquitously beloved leading men in Hollywood history—Keanu Reeves. Three entries in, and the franchise has grossed more than half a billion dollars worldwide. Each new entry almost literally doubles the earnings of its predecessor, demonstrating that a swelling wave of fans is flocking to each release, and all but foaming at the mouth for more decadent violence. The action is excessive and awesome. Director Chad Stahelski’s time as the martial arts stunt coordinator and Keanu’s stunt double in the original The Matrix trilogy clearly informs his perception of his star’s capabilities and how best to capture them. While the exquisite action set-pieces are certainly the main attraction, the atmosphere and world-building set it apart from other invincible action-hero pictures. The neon-infused underworld of assassins, gangsters, and the industries populated by the oddball characters who make money off of them, seems limitless in its prevalence. One such institution, which is featured prominently in each film, is The Continental Hotel in New York City.

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