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Saturday, January 8, 2022

Return of the King Extended Edition Has the Best Character Arcs

One of the greatest strengths of The Return of the King is that, despite its epic scope and massive runtime focusing on the great battle for the fate of Middle-earth, it is somehow also able to emphasize the small and intimate personal moments that make the plot and characters the most compelling, as the story of The Lord of the Rings comes to its close. The dedication of Frodo and Sam is tested in different ways but to the limits of both characters. Aragorn finally takes up his destiny as the King of Gondor and shoulders all of the responsibility that comes with it. Merry and Pippin are separated for the first time in the story, and both have to develop without the support of the other. In many ways, the characters of the Fellowship are more separated and isolated than ever before, and it is because of this that each player in the story has more distinct character development than at any point before.

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