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Friday, January 7, 2022

How The Sound of Music Captures the Joy of Singing

Anyone who has ever sung in an organized choir or been a long-term part of a choral group knows that there is a strange and enchanting experience that goes along with singing. There is a point that you reach, deep into a practice or in the middle of a song, where it is impossible to worry about anything else. You fall with gleeful abandon into the music itself, and nothing seems to exist but the choir and the song, where each of the two are reinforcing the other with an unironic joy that gathers in momentum like some sort of perpetual-motion machine. In my own college Glee Club days, my director used to say that the mood of the song could be sorrowful or happy, robust or gentle, but that regardless of its mood or quality, you sang it with a smile. Smiling improved the tone of the piece, and singing a song well made you smile even more.

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