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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

How Betty White Rejuvenated The Mary Tyler Moore Show

To put it mildly, 2021 was a rough year for the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Earlier in the year, it saw three of its main cast members pass away — Cloris Leachman in January, Gavin McLeod in May, Ed Asner in August — and if that wasn’t enough, this crumminess was truly sealed by the death of Betty White on New Year’s Eve. Though, despite the sullenness of seeing every one of the last living cast members of this joyous, groundbreaking sitcom being laid to rest last year, it’s also hard to get too down about it when they lived such long lives and had such eclectic careers after Mary Tyler Moore ended. Whether it was McLeod’s turn as the captain on The Love Boat, Leachman’s status as the ultimate salty grandma in various movies and TV, or Asner appearing in too many Christmas movies to count as well as what may be his most iconic role, Carl Fredrickson in Up. Yet no one embodies the varied careers of MTM’s cast better than Betty White, who had already spent two decades in television before joining the show mid-way into its run and helped rejuvenate not only The Mary Tyler Moore Show but also the then-51-year-old White’s career, which, somehow, was just getting started.

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