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Friday, January 14, 2022

Book of Boba Fett Episode 3: That Colorful Biker Gang Is Good, Actually

There isn't a more obnoxious concept attached to the ass of pop culture today than the idea that Star Wars has a definition. "I think this Star Wars thing is trash and here's why" is a valid opinion, agree or disagree. "This Star Wars thing isn't Star Wars," a bugaboo that crawls out of its Dagobah swamp-hole every time the series attempts to do something just a little different, is not only flimsy gate-keeping nonsense, it's also antithetical to what the franchise is. Since 1977, the allure of Star Wars has been the tantalizing promise "something a little different" is just a jump to hyperspace away, that George Lucas and every creator who followed is playing in a universe so inconceivably vast that every single color, size, aesthetic, landscape, and architecture is possible, as long as you find the right spice smuggler or junk herder to get you there. Star Wars isn't a checklist, it's endless possibility. Star Wars is a toy box with no bottom, a creative mind's dream, and it somehow got saddled with a conversation that wants it squeezed to death by the most restrictive terms possible. All of this is to say: The third episode of The Book of Boba Fett, "The Streets of Mos Espa" directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Jon Favreau, introduced a tech-enhanced gang of Tatooine street toughs riding candy-colored speeder bikes, a futuristic riff on 1950s greaser gangs by way of Rodriguez's own Spy Kids and Power Rangers-ish tokusatsu. Put more simply: These characters—led by Sophie Thatcher, having one hell of a year—whip ass. Put more importantly: They felt nothing like Star Wars, which is to say they felt exactly like Star Wars.

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