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Sunday, January 23, 2022

Best Yasujirō Ozu Films For Beginners

One of the greatest filmmakers to ever live, Yasujirō Ozu, built a storied career on making deceptively simple but profound films that reach far beyond their modest package. Inductees into the Ozu fan club will tell you that no other director has expressed so much with so little, that the Japanese master's influence is utterly inescapable. Filmmaker and theorist Paul Schrader—who focused a lengthy section of his book Transcendentalism in Film on Ozu’s work—has championed Ozu as one of the world’s greatest cinematic artists. Even Wes Anderson’s signature picture-perfect aesthetic can be traced back to Ozu’s obsessively-neat framing, as seen in filmmaker Kogonada’s visual essays comparing the two. Given his influence, and given the utter timelessness and beauty of his work, Ozu remains one of the most crucial directors of all. Not just film-buffs, but anybody who enjoys movies should at some point reach Ozu.

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