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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Why Malignant Is the Best Movie of 2021

I've crunched the numbers and compiled the data, and with all due respect to anyone who got married, had children, graduated college etc etc this year, there was unfortunately only one brief stretch of 2021 that was Objectively Good. I'm speaking, obviously, of the time period wherein James Wan's Malignant burst onto HBO Max with the fury of a homicidal twin tumor emerging from the back of a woman's skull, followed by 2-3 weeks where the internet was mostly people tweeting "Malignant!!!" at regular intervals and no other conversation was necessary. Thank whatever higher power you subscribe to for Malignant, this gonzo Giallo-inspired piece of leather-clad camp that arrived when we needed it most and almost certainly propelled us across the finish line into 2022. Is it the "best" film of the year? Respectfully, words like "best" or "bad" or "good" or "film" mean less than nothing here; Annabelle Wallis is puppeteered backward by her parasitic sibling into launching a chair across the room at a couple of police detectives. That's a gift. A gift.

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