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Thursday, December 2, 2021

West Side Story Review: Steven Spielberg Crafts a Stunning Revival

West Side Story is arguably one of the greatest musicals of all-time and easily one of the best movie musicals of all-time with the 1961 adaptation from Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins picking up ten Oscars including Best Picture. For mere mortals, trying to make a new version would seem daunting, but Steven Spielberg launches himself headfirst into this new adaptation that feels fresh and immediate while still retaining the classic feel of the original. Working from a script from Tony-winning playwright Tony Kushner, Spielberg’s West Side Story is more politically pointed than the 1961 version, but it still feels firmly in the mold of a classic musical with the incredible camerawork, color palette, and choreography popping off the screen. While purists can argue the finer points of which adaptation works best, there’s no question that Spielberg has approached this project with his entire heart and made a film that can proudly stand alongside Wise and Robbins’ beloved Oscar-winner.

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