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Friday, December 31, 2021

Vinnie's Top Movies of 2021, From Malignant to Nightmare Alley

To quote preeminent film scholar Vin Diesel: "Da movies." To elaborate just a bit further, movies really always have been the beacon I've used to track the major moments of my life. As yet another year comes to a close, I've looked back and realized all of my Top 10 lists embody a different point on the path: 2018 is the year I fell back in love with movies, 2019 made crystal clear the type of weird, campy nonsense that specifically wriggles its way into my heart, and 2020 saw movies quite literally save my sanity. 2021, an objectively effed-up 365 days of hogwash and balderdash, is the year I absolutely tried my hardest to stop arguing about movies. Discussing? Hell yeah. Debating? Occasionally! But good gravy, they're just moving pictures, they're just sight and sound. What moves you, moves you, and the 2021 takeaway is not one of us moves in the same way.

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