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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Nashville: How Losing Rayna Jaymes Destroyed the TV Show

When Nashville was unceremoniously cancelled by ABC in 2016, it caused an uproar with the dedicated fans that had fallen in love with the show — from the characters to the original songs that blessedly did not feel as though they were created for a TV show. Because of the outrage, CMT decided to pick up the series, but there was one catch: Connie Britton, who played country legend and series star Rayna Jaymes, was not sticking around. Because of behind the scenes rumors, fans knew Rayna’s inevitable death was coming in that first half of Nashville Season 5 — after all, there was no other way to write off the center of the show whose family was remaining behind. But, the consequences of this decision were catastrophic for the series, and left many questioning whether the show should have been revived by CMT at all. After finishing the season and a half that aired after Rayna’s death, the answer was clear: It wasn’t worth it.

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