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Thursday, December 16, 2021

How The Karate Kid's Most Accidentally Funny Scene Sets Up Cobra Kai

In many ways, The Karate Kid is a perfect film, although much of its perfection seems accidental. Director John G. Avildsen and writer Michael Kamen set out to make a high school movie about a kid learning karate to stand up to some bullies and wound up making one of the most subversive teen comedies ever. I’m partially referring to the now-ancient internet fan theory that Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), the titular Karate Kid, is the real bully, an observation that provoked the truly incredible sequel series Cobra Kai. But what I’m mostly referring to is the fact that Johnny (William Zabka) and all his Cobra Kai buddies seem to already know that they’re going to be the focus of a zanily melodramatic sequel series that will recast them as endearing clowns rather than menacing villains, and they behave accordingly. In no other scene is this more apparent than the one where Danny moodily eats lunch with his mom (Randee Heller) while Cobra Kai visibly plots his murder in the background.

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