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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Best Director's Cuts You Have to Watch

The appeal of the director's cut burns inside the mind of every cinephile. We all want to see that pure, unfiltered vision of a filmmaker, especially if the new cut is for a film with known production troubles. If the theatrical version is a film we already like, we want to see more of it. On some level, that vision is what art is all about -- getting to experience a story through another person's mind for a period of time. However, director's cuts can also prove to be a real detriment to the film. Filmmakers can overthink their decisions and produce something more muddled, including scenes they rightfully cut the first time, or they can lose the spirit of collaboration that often helps many filmmakers in making a movie people enjoy. And sometimes, if the filmmaker has enough power, they can strike the original version from the record, making only their new cut available. (We're looking at you, George Lucas.)

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