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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Why We Should Stop Freaking Out About Movie Remakes

It is an Internet outrage cycle we have seen too many times to count. A major Hollywood studio announces plans to remake a beloved classic or international film, and then your Twitter timeline is filled with an extreme amount of grousing and raging from movie lovers, claiming Hollywood creative bankruptcy and that the remake will defile the original. Eventually, the film comes out, and nine times out of 10, we move on with our lives, continuing to enjoy the original film, thinking every couple of years, "Oh, yeah. Remember when they remade that? Weird." Then a new remake gets announced, and all the steps get repeated without fail. The predictable outrage is admittedly understandable, as so many film lovers want an ever-expanding Hollywood to take bold risks with never-been-told stories. Simultaneously, the outrage has grown incredibly tiresome. Not only does it do absolutely nothing to slow down the amount of remakes, but also, like the vast majority of online anger, most people complaining seem to be coming from a place that believes this is somehow a new phenomenon in the filmmaking landscape.

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