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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Why Was The Artist an Oscar-Winner?

Every year, the film that wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards, whether good or bad, always has a compelling narrative accompanying its victory. Obviously, the quality of a movie does not really bear any correlation on its Oscar success, as campaigning and publicity determine more so than anything its chances of taking home the gold. Certain years give us the come-from-behind, underdog win. In recent years, films like Moonlight and Parasite winning Best Picture feel like far-off fantasies until the envelope is opened (in Moonlight's case, the correct envelope). Then there are the cases where early on in the awards race a film emerges as the de facto front runner and holds onto that front runner status until the very end. Generally speaking, these films receive a rapturous response at their first couple of festival screenings. Then, as more and more people see it, the expectation keeps raising, and it continuously does not meet those high expectations, making the most recent viewers befuddled and bewildered about why it has become the phenomenon that takes in awards like they're oxygen. Resentment sets in and the perception of the film dramatically tanks. Recent examples of this would be films like Birdman, The King's Speech, and, if you could not tell by the title of this piece, The Artist.

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