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Friday, November 5, 2021

The Block Island Sound Ending Explained: Humans vs. Animals vs. Aliens

Hollywood has given us some awesome concepts for alien species and their takeovers/engagements with Earthlings. Films like Arrival, Life, and Annihilation come to mind, having added innovative intergalactic entities to the sci-fi cinematic cannon. These films also embody a refreshing take of the sub-genre of geo-horror, utilizing stunning frames of eccentric aliens or stoic visuals of a manipulated Earth to arouse sensations of dread and moral conflictions. In such movies, humans face more enthralling queries about their physical and philosophical place in the universal order. Humanity places itself at the top of the food chain, constantly underestimating the power and potential of our natural environment and fellow animals. Because of our enhanced intelligence, our construction of civilized society, and our egotistically inflated sense of self, it’s hard to imagine or reimagine a world where co-existing as sub-superior or inferior beings presents itself as some otherworldly fantasy. Matthew and Kevin McManus propose a contorted story of aliens observing and dissecting Earthly lifeforms using similar methods to our own in this bizarre and delightfully twisted tale with their film The Block Island Sound.

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