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Friday, November 12, 2021

Red Notice: Netflix Has Made Another Chore of a Blockbuster

Hollywood moviemaking has been a cynical affair pretty much since its inception. After all, Hollywood exists in part because studio heads wanted to avoid legal battles with Thomas Edison on the East coast, and back then sheer geography was enough to do the trick. I don’t necessarily mind that Red Notice is cynical. I mind that there’s really nowhere to hide its cynicism. Studios have always made bad movies coasting on thin premises and charismatic actors, but counterintuitively, they could sometimes hide behind the spectacle of the big screen. When you can get lost in the theatrical experience, it’s harder to find plot holes, lazy writing, and bland performances. But on Netflix, Red Noticehas nowhere to hide, and you can see that this is not a movie meant to be watched. It’s not meant for you to sit down and enjoy what you’re watching because you like these actors, and you want to see them on a globe-trotting caper. Red Notice is meant to be played. You press “play” and then you goof around on your phone or fold laundry because Red Notice was designed for your consumption, not your attention because the second you pay it any mind, you see that’s it just the hollow version of something that was actually worth your emotional engagement.

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