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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Harry Potter Books Ranked

The Harry Potter series was a formative phenomena for a generation. These books opened doors to other fantasy series, and encouraged kids who had very little interest in reading to pick up a book and give this one a try. And, as for the addicted reader, they had a very important thing in common with people that typically don’t know what they’re talking about in terms of books. That shared interest opened doors to all sorts of unusual friendships. All that passion and excitement to read made this series what it is. And it is because of that we need to take a look at the books themselves and see which ones are genuinely superior, either in style, form, plot or any connection therein. And what is more fundamental than ranking the books that started a worldwide craze (also, we're not including Cursed Child since J.K. Rowling isn't the author of that book, which is also a stage play rather than a novel)

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