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Monday, November 1, 2021

Dickinson Season 3 Review: An Exquisite Final Ode to the Poet

Saying goodbye is never easy — even less so when it is a goodbye that no one is truly prepared for. Heading into Dickinson's third season (of which fans were informed would also be its last), there was a sense of finality surrounding everything, lending a bittersweet energy to the experience. At the same time, Dickinson's conclusion also represents an endpoint that was apparently always the plan from creator, writer, and executive producer Alena Smith — and that is something to be truly thankful for. So many shows either overstay their welcome, renewed countless times over beyond the point of any narrative sense, while others are cut down before they've truly had a chance to flourish and thrive, becoming one of the many casualties of network cancellation. Fortunately for Dickinson, you get the sense of a complete story that has had the chance to be told — and it's the story of an artist finally understanding herself, her identity, and the legacy she will inevitably leave behind long after she's gone.

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