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Thursday, November 25, 2021

Bob's Burgers Thanksgiving Episodes, Ranked

From Cheers to South Park, Thanksgiving episodes are a decades-long tradition among sitcoms of all kinds. However, no show has as much love for the day as Bob’s Burgers. The holiday is arguably the most important in the show's universe, with Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) always striving to achieve turkey perfection, even if the odds aren’t usually in his favor: from a desperate Teddy (Larry Murphy) asking for help to a flock of wild turkeys terrorizing the town, there always seems to be something in his way. But nothing can stop a man so into Thanksgiving that he might love a well-roasted heritage turkey even more than his own kids - his words, not mine! Well, November is coming to an end and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means there’s a brand new Bob’s Burgers’ special episode coming out. It's a tradition that dates back to Season 3, in 2012, when the Belchers celebrated their first Thanksgiving. While we wait for their newest turkey day hijinks, let’s hold hands and give thanks for all the Bob’s BurgersThanksgiving episodes we've had so far, from worst to best.

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