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Friday, November 26, 2021

Best Techno-Horror Movies to Understand the Genre's History

Techno-horror is a subgenre of horror that overlaps heavily with science fiction. On the surface, a typical techno-horror will follow possessed machinery or devices being misused with malicious intent. Upon digging a little deeper, however, it becomes clear that these films also tend to provide commentary on the role of technology within society. As technology has developed through time, it’s become a source of scapegoating and moral panics. Sometimes techno-horror takes these moral panics and turns them into a thing of genuine terror using possession, ghosts, stalkers, demons, and more. What is new is often treated as terrifying – with technology, there is seemingly always something new to fear. Although some core themes are shared across many techno-horrors, the commentary presented in each film is often reflective of the time the film is made in. These are ten films that trace the development of techno-horror and their commentary since the genre started rising to popularity in the 1960s.

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