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Saturday, November 13, 2021

Best MCU Characters Without Powers, Ranked

Eternals might not be the instant MCU classic we all hoped it would be, but it was wildly successful in at least one regard – with Harish Patel’s Karun, it introduced another likable “normie” to the MCU. Kingo’s (Kumail Nanjiani) beleaguered but enthusiastic valet/cameraman stands proudly amongst the MCU's other top-tier civilians – characters who have no powers or high-tech suits, who aren’t world-class spies or Wakandan super-warriors, who don’t get invited to Avengers meetings, who aren’t up to anything particularly villainous. They’re just normal, every day, Earth-bound people. Yet they remain crucial to keeping the MCU tethered to some sense of reality. With that in mind, here is our definitive ranking of the most prominent normies kicking around the MCU.

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