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Friday, November 12, 2021

American Pie Cast Guide and Where Are They Now?

Directed by Paul Wietz and written by Adam Herz, American Pie is a beloved, awkward, sex-focused coming-of-age comedy. Earning a considerable return at the box office, the film has left a resonating impact on popular culture. The film focuses on a small band of five friends of varying interests and personalities: Jim, Oz, Kevin, Paul, and Steve. When a nerdy classmate of theirs claims to have lost his virginity at a party hosted by Steve, the only non-virgin of the friend group, this riles them to pledge to lose their virginity by their high school graduation. The events that follow are every bit as uproarious and embarrassing as you remember your teenage years to be. For those of you who want a definitive guide to the characters of American Pie and a "where are they now" of the well-selected cast, we've made this guide just for you!

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