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Sunday, October 17, 2021

You Season 3: What Happened to Love? Here's Victoria Pedretti's Take

[Editor's note: The following contains spoilers through the Season 3 finale of You.]Is that it for Victoria Pedretti in Netflix’s You? Is Love really dead?

After spending much of the season in the middle of an emotional whirlwind of frustration, distrust and violence, Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love go head-to-head in the Season 3 finale. After her suspicions about Joe and Marianne (Tati Gabrielle) are proven true, Love whips up Joe’s favorite dinner — laced with her homemade paralytic.

The thing is though, Joe had a hunch she might try to pull something and got his hands on the antidote. The adrenaline kicks in just in time for Joe to give Love a taste of her own medicine, stabbing her with a needle full of Wolfsbane. Joe frames Love for all the crimes and sets their house ablaze with her body inside.

It very much seems as though Love is dead — real dead. Immediately after injecting Love with the aconite, Joe explains that when injected directly, it burns as it moves through the system to the heart. A short while later, he says, “The hardest part was making the dose because I couldn’t lie to myself. It had to be enough. I had to finally stop you.” So one could assume that dose was enough to stop Love — dead. Sealing her fate further, even if Love was still alive, she was laying paralyzed in a house that burned to the ground.

Need even more to suggest this really is the end for Love? While recapping the results of his set-up, Joe notes, “Love Quinn became the Mrs. Lovett of Madre Linda. Once the nausea passed, people were ravenous for her … A bit of a folk hero, more famous even then Guinevere Beck.”

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So yes, it’s a reach to think there’s any chance Love survived and will return in Season 4. But, it’s hard to let go of a character that was such a thrill to watch, especially in a show loaded with twists and turns that has brought characters back from the dead in one way or another before. With that in mind, I opted to throw the hail Mary and ask Pedretti if Love is truly dead at the end of Season 3 during our Collider Ladies Night chat. Here’s what she said:

“A question for the writers, but I’m under the impression she’s dead. She seems pretty dead.”

You was renewed for Season 4 by Netflix, but it seems as though we won’t get a living, breathing Love back for more. But, how about some flashbacks? Maybe Joe is haunted by Love’s ghost? Clearly I'm reaching for more Victoria Pedretti on this show, and, can you blame me?

If you’re looking for even more on Pedretti’s experience working on You, The Haunting of Hill House and more, be sure to check out our full Collider Ladies Night chat in podcast form below:

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