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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Why Rhoda Is Still Worth Watching Five Decades Later

“Allow me to introduce myself,” spoke a sarcastic voice from the couch during the second episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. “I’m another person in the room.” Her name was Rhoda Faye Morgenstern (Valerie Harper), and for a time she was a window-dresser and Mary Richards’ (Mary Tyler Moore) upstairs neighbor in Minneapolis. In this instance, she’s learned that the man she’s asked out on a date, the one she met when she accidentally ran him over with her car, is in fact married and he’s brought his wife along for the evening. It’s the kind of thing that Rhoda would insist would only happen to someone like her and never someone like Mary. Even at times when Mary was having a rough time and Rhoda was having a great one, she knew things would soon return to the order of the universe. “Tomorrow, you will meet a crowned head of Europe and marry; I will have a fat attack, eat 300 peanut butter cups, and die,” Rhoda informs her friend. “That’s the way it always is.”

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