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Thursday, October 21, 2021

What Happened to the Last Divergent Movie? A Hollywood Cautionary Tale

The cast and crew of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune have been open about the fact that this single movie isn’t meant to be a whole adaptation of Frank Herbert’s original novel. In fact, this project is part of a larger two-part adaptation of this text, with the second part’s existence contingent on the box office of the first Dune. It’s a bold plan that recognizes Dune is such a massive piece of source material that it could never properly fit into a single motion picture. Still, while it’s the right move for adaptation purposes, it’s certainly a risky move to split one book across multiple movies that haven’t been filmed simultaneously. After all, the worst-case scenario is that the first movie bombs and you never get to finish up your expansive adaptation. If such an outcome sounds far-fetched, well, ask the folks behind the Divergent movies, who found themselves in that exact scenario when it came time to adapt the final Divergent book, Allegiant.

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